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Every relationship worth investing in is built on trust. At The Industry Network, we believe in building a solid foundation first and foremost. Our team has built an extensive reputation in the Defi space for over 5 years as innovators and leaders. We are guided by the relationships that we have cultivated with community members, influencers, and developers. When you decide who you want to invest with, you must have an intimate and comprehensive understanding of the Defi space. We are leaders in this space for that very reason, and it's through our knowledge and expertise, we strive to build a deep level of trust with every client we work with. As an investor, we protect your assets and create an ultra-secure place to invest your money. 



When you invest in The Industry Network, you are as invested in the project as we are. Every investor gets a vote on decisions that impact your investments through our Governance token. We believe that this is the source of decentralizing the way the finance industry currently operates. No longer are you dealing with conglomerates who make the decisions. Together, we are innovating and optimizing the way finance is done.



We are built on the core value of trust, and to attain your confidence, we are fully transparent in all aspects of the projects we engage in. Every decision on the direction, development, and implementation of this project is made with clarity and cooperation from the community. If you hold a TinV Governance token, you're able to vote!

As an investor, you deserve to know the core team involved, which is why we are doxxed with our names and profiles and placed it on our website. The more comfortable every investor is during the development and implementation of our project, the more trust, profit, and success we build together. It's time you directly impact the direction of your investment portfolio without dealing with a huge conglomerate. Together with The Industry Network, we're revolutionizing and decentralizing finance. 



Our word is all we have. It's what our reputation is built upon. We pride ourselves on operating at the highest level of integrity with all our investors. It's what drives us with every project we do. Integrity is what brought the entire Industry Network team together in the first place. Therefore, our vision is to decentralize finance altogether and remove malicious and unethical projects that were 'rugging' and defunding their own peoples’ contributions.

The Industry Network was created to be a uniquely safe space for all investors to grow their portfolio with a partner that operates at the highest levels of trust, transparency, and fairness. We feel that integrity encompasses all of those core beliefs and intend to show all that there are still projects out there with the investor/community at the heart of it.

Our Vision

Leading the financial revolution as a community. 

At The Industry Network, we envision a world where Defi becomes the new standard and fair solution in the financial world. Out with traditional financial services as we know it. We're leading a whole new revolution with you by our side. We pride ourselves on being a truly all-in-one finance solution to provide opportunities for portfolio growth made easy for the crypto community.

Our project is designed to create an ecosystem that simplifies the way everyone manages their finances and monetizes their assets by simply holding the TinV tokens. We have created a genuinely fair system that allows every person, whether new to crypto or a veteran investor, a chance to create and build wealth. 

The Industry Network

Are you looking for a crypto project that values your money as much as you do?

The Industry Network is a new ecosystem launching with your financial interest at the heart. Our team of crypto masters believes you deserve a community that stands for the same values as you, allows you to create wealth and build your portfolio while ensuring fairness across the board for every investor.

Isn't it time you invested your cryptocurrency with a company that works for your best interests, not their own? 

Become a part of the finance revolution today, and together we'll decentralize the system. 

Our Expert Team


When projects work together we believe we are stronger. We proudly work with and support our partners.